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Name: Club Volley Type: Stadium / Ground Address: Defence Road, Khuda Bukhsh Colony, Lahore Added on Paktive by: Guest From the Paktive Map: East Lahore Parks (Cantt, Fortress, Saddar, Aziz Bhatti, Mandiana, Jallo and nearby areas.)

User Rating: 3/5 (2 Votes)

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1.Mudasser says:3/5

I want to join volley ball club

9Zafar . cuzn club join 1
2.Umair Ashfaq says:3/5

I am joining club

3.Hira says:3/5

how many girls members you have?

4.Ali Ahmad says:3/5

Can I join the volleyball club? I live in Lahore in Nishtar Colony. I want to know the membership fee and what is the timing as I am studying in medical college so I have to take the time out of my schedule.

5.Amir Aziz says:4/5

How i can join this club ...and what about the time..when i will come

6.Awais Shah Sherazi says:3/5

Mohala ganj bakhash Kaloni kadarabaad

7.Syed Shajjar Abba says:3/5

volleyball club fee monthly Syed Shajjar abba

8.Awais Najeeb says:3/5

I want to join this club. What's the timing & fee

9.Zafar says:1/5

@1.Mudasser: . cuzn club join

10.Safi Ullah Khan says:4/5

i am v v v v very like volly ball

11.Hamza Amjad says:3/5

Combo colony, Amjad Plaza,Lahore

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