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What is Paktive? is Pakistan's top web destination and app for people to arrange, review and discuss Pakistani places of interest, such as landmarks, restaurants, parks, institutions and businesses. There is no need to create any user accounts, profiles or registrations. Anyone can add new places and contribute useful information -- chat about and comment on places -- and even submit useful photos and other stuff to help each other discover informative details about a place. There are a variety of available options to make use of the places and share them with friends.

How do I pronounce "Paktive"?

Paktive rhymes with "active".

I can't see anything on this website! What's wrong?

Make sure you're using one of the latest browsers. Enable JavaScript and clear your browser's cache. If you experienced something weird, please send in your feedback.

How can I display a picture on a place's page?

Here's how to add or change picture.

How can I put a place in my email, document, blog or website?

Simply choose the option "Put this in doc, email webpage" inside the info window given with each places's marker, then just copy and paste the code in your document where you want that link to appear - easy! There are also a variety of options available to share any place. Check out Paktive Goodies for how to make the best use of Paktive places and all that's available about them.

How can I share a place with friends on Facebook or Twitter?

There are relevant options for both Facebook and Twitter with every places's info window. A variety of options are available to share any place. Check out Paktive Place Goodies for how to make the best use of Paktive places and locations.

Correcting and Adding New Places on Paktive

  • I want to add/correct description , contact details, phone number, website, etc.
    • Simply write to us the new details. You MUST include the following in your message:
      1. Place's full URL on paktive (e.g. // )
      2. Place's full postal address, phone number and other details clearly
      3. Your name, your email.
  • I want to change the picture image of a place
    • Simply write to us and send us the picture. You MUST include the following in your message:
      1. Place's full URL on paktive (e.g. // )
      2. URL of the image available on the web (e.g. // )
      3. Any relevant details or description
      4. Your name, your email.
  • How you can write to us about the changes:
    • Contact us using this page to send us your message.

How do I Add a new place on Paktive?

Adding a new place and its location is very easy.
Watch How-to Video
Short instructions

Go to a city's category top page (e.g. South Karachi Business), double-click on the map where you want your place marked, then fill out the form that opens up.

Detailed instructions

Go to the full category top page using the top menubar (e.g. Business). Once there, notice the button that says Add a Restaurant or Business, etc? Click the button. A little help box will appear. Read it. The pages with the Add button are the ones where new places can be suggested.

First make sure you're on the right direction (north, south, etc)! Second, make sure you're suggesting to the right category (landmarks, business, etc): Don't suggest a Park in Business category! Please only suggest placemarks that you know well. Don't add placemarks that are only interesting to you (e.g. don't submit My House, etc.)

  • On the map, pan and zoom in to get a better view of the place.
  • Double-click where you want your placemark. A big red marker will appear where you double-clicked.
  • Fill the form that opened up on the map. Fill out all the details. Then, submit the form.

Note: If you double-click more than once before submitting the form, more markers will be created on the map. We will use the LAST marker for location.

That's it. Your newly suggested place on Paktive will be queued, reviewed and should it be fit for inclusion, will appear on Paktive soon. Now, you can suggest another place if you wish!

Please note that we don't publish all suggested places and reserve the right to accept/reject/delete/modify any place any time without assigning any reason.

How can I write a proper review of a particular restaurant or business or any place on Paktive?

The Discuss section of each Paktive place page is the best place to write your review. You may write more than one review if the discussion post limit is restricting the length of submission.

How can I contact

To contact us, please visit this page.

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