H 8 Qabrstan, islamabad

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Name: H-8 Qabrstan Type: Monument Address: Patras Bukhari Road, H-8/3, H-8, Islamabad Description: aka H-8 Graveyard / CDA Cemetery Added on Paktive by: Guest From the Paktive Map: South Islamabad Landmarks (H-8, H-9, H-11, I-8, I-9, I-11, Margalla Town, Satellite Town and nearby areas.)

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1.Muhammad Javaid Athar says: 4/5

very good planned city of graved in ISLAMBAD its my experince my all elders r buried and the good planner of this grave yard LATE Agha mirza my school feelows father really he had good planner MAY ALLAH BLESS his soul AAMEEN

2.Dr Mirza says: 1/5

might have been a planned .but its under very useless people who are ruining the place.

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