Mera Jaffar, islamabad
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Name: Mera Jaffar Type: Intersection Address: Jaffar Chowk, F-12, Islamabad Description: aka Maira Jaffar. Bulk scrap market. Added on Paktive by: Guest From the Paktive Map: West Islamabad Landmarks (F-8, F-9, F-10, F-11, G-8, G-9, G-10, G-11, Fatima Jinnah Park and nearby areas.)

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Discuss Mera Jaffar

1.Naveed says:5/5

plz tell me battery scrap rate

2.Khaleel says:3/5

Have you any metal material 1045 size 50 to 70 mm roll

3.Waqas Waani Okarvi says:3/5

loha and plastic rates

4.Arshad says:3/5

I need scrap sarya 5, 6 sooter

5.Arif Hussain says:3/5

f u need new sariya. reasonable rates. less than market. contact us.

6.Khalid Mehmood says:3/5

copper rate ??.

7.Saleem Ahmed Bhatti says:3/5

I have batteries 1,000 numbers.

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