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Name: Penny Pizza Type: Fast Food / Takeaway Address: Shahrah-e-Jahangir, Block 6, Federal B Area, Karachi Description: 92 21 34991029 Added on Paktive by: Guest From the Paktive Map: North Karachi Eateries (North Nazimabad, FB Area, Maymar, Surjani, Orangi and nearby areas.)

User Rating: 3/5 (5 Votes)

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1.Aman Ahmed Siddiqui says:3/5

Please add phone number with address

2.Noman Islam says:3/5

i need job for cashier m working till date as a cashier from KBC Restaurant

3.Khurram says:3/5

I'm looking some franchise opportunity of Penny Pizza, Thanks Regards KHURRAM

4.Shayan Ansari says:3/5

Penny pizza have very good services of their staff but still dont have the real taste of pizza. They have to pay attention on their pizza taste instead of increasing prices of their meals (day by day).

5.Aijaz Ahmed Siddqui says:3/5

phone number of gulshan penny pizza is I can't write numbers so that's the only way..Excellent taste. Must try!!!

6.Mohammad Adnan says:3/5

Thanks to Mr. Shayan regarding apprecaited Penny Pizza services, may I know when were you gone to there last time. Mr. Khurram you could take this opportunity but you must having some experience regarding food business or something about pizza. If you have some so please contact me at mohammad_adnan_seven two five(in numeric form) thanks to all Mohammad Adnan

7.Shareey says:3/5

em join ur penny pizza

8.Shahrukh says:3/5

very good pizza

9.Sayed Tanveer Haider says:3/5

i m looking any manaing penyizza have exp pizza hut.schlotzskys my e mail.

10.Alishah.moledina says:3/5

goodddddddddddd piza

11.Sehar says:3/5

i want to have its menu pricelist...:(

12.Imran says:2/5

1. Mid night deals is on high price kindly reduce it for pan pizza as well as other regular pizzas. 2. franchise opportunity in karachi is available, if possabile detaile required

13.Imran Malik says:3/5

I want to celebrate my daughter's birthday in ur restaurant so i want full details and menu etc. It will be on sunday 23rd sep inshaALLAH.

14.Useless Pizza says:1/5

Hello everyone. I just want to let you all know that this company is as shitty as the shit itself. Do not purchase from here. Last night I ordered Pizza from here and they sent the delivery in 10 minutes. Hell, the distance itself from Penny Pizza to my home is 10 minutes. When the rider arrived, he *ASKED* for a tip. When I came inside and opened the box, it was a BAASI pizza. I called at their given phone number and yelled at them A LOT!

15.Ali Abrar says:5/5

plz correct the name of owner and number .

16.Ali Abrar says:3/5


17.Shahid. Ghaziani says:5/5

Hello. Can. You. Deliver. Order. It. Home?

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