Royal Bank of Scotland (F 6), islamabad
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Name: Royal Bank of Scotland (F-6) Type: Branch Address: Aga Khan Road, F-6/4, F-6, Islamabad Added on Paktive by: Jahangir From the Paktive Map: East Islamabad Banks (F-5, F-6, F-7, G-5, G-6, G-7, Blue Area, Diplomatic Enclave and nearby areas.)

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1.Muhammad Ali Khan says:3/5

Ive an account in UK,Manchester. Ive already spent more than a year here in pakistan & I believe that my account in UK has been blocked. Is it possible to reopen the account from your branch in pakistan as Ive got all the documentation with me.

2.Naeem Chaudry says:3/5

I want to deposit 122.2 in the account of Home Office in England. What is the procedure. Can I deposit in Islamabad Branch

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