Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa - Postal Codes

Map of Haripur

City/Town/LocalityPostal CodeDelivery GPO Badhora22780Haripur GPOMap of BadhoraBaghpur Dheri22652Haripur GPOMap of Baghpur DheriBaldher22584Haripur GPOMap of BaldherBir22770Haripur GPOMap of BirDewan Suleman Farooq Industrial Area22870Haripur GPOGhazi22860Haripur GPOMap of GhaziGudwalian22830Haripur GPOMap of GudwalianHaripur22620Haripur GPOMap of HaripurHaripur Central Jail22640Haripur GPOHaripur Telephone Factorypaktive.com22630Haripur GPOHattar Industrial Estate22610Haripur GPOMap of Hattar Industrial EstateHazara University21120Haripur GPOKakotri22750Haripur GPOMap of KakotriKalangar22810Haripur GPOMap of KalangarKangra Townshippaktive.com22680Haripur GPOKhalabat Townshippaktive.com22800Haripur GPOKhanpur22650Haripur GPOMap of KhanpurKot Najibullah22660Haripur GPOMap of Kot NajibullahMankarai22700Haripur GPOMap of MankaraiPanian22690Haripur GPOMap of PanianPind Hasham Khan22710Haripur GPOMap of Pind Hasham KhanRehana22600Haripur GPOMap of RehanaSarai Niamat Khan22720Haripur GPOMap of Sarai Niamat KhanSarai Saleh22590Haripur GPOMap of Sarai SalehSirikot22840Haripur GPOMap of SirikotTarbela Dam Colony22850Haripur GPO

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