Jhang, Punjab - Postal Codes

Map of Jhang

City/Town/LocalityPostal CodeDelivery GPO Ahamed Pur Sial35090Jhang GPOMap of Ahamed Pur SialAtharan Hazaripaktive.com35180Jhang GPOMap of Atharan HazariBhawana35350Jhang GPOMap of BhawanaChak 175 JBpaktive.com35310Jhang GPOChak 49035110Jhang GPOChenab Nagarpaktive.com35460Jhang GPOChiniot35400Jhang GPOMap of ChiniotChund Bharwanapaktive.com35500Jhang GPOMap of Chund BharwanaDhill Bagh35300Jhang GPOMap of Dhill BaghGarh Maharaja35080Jhang GPOMap of Garh MaharajaHaveli Bahadur Shahpaktive.com35150Jhang GPOMap of Haveli Bahadur ShahJamia Ashrafia35360Jhang GPOJhang35200Jhang GPOMap of JhangKaki Nao35060Jhang GPOMap of Kaki NaoKot Shakir35510Jhang GPOMap of Kot ShakirLalian35470Jhang GPOMap of LalianNawazish Nagharpaktive.com35170Jhang GPOMap of Nawazish NagharPAF Base Rafiqi Shor Kotpaktive.com35030Jhang GPOPAF Colony Shor Kot35020Jhang GPORudo Sultan35160Jhang GPOMap of Rudo SultanShah Jewana Mandi35550Jhang GPOShah Jewna City35560Jhang GPOShor Kot Cantt35010Jhang GPOShor Kot Citypaktive.com35050Jhang GPOWaryam35100Jhang GPOMap of Waryam

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