Layyah, Punjab - Postal Codes

Map of Layyah

City/Town/LocalityPostal CodeDelivery GPO Chak 90 ML31000Layyah GPOChak No270 TDApaktive.com31250Layyah GPOChak No279 TDA31400Layyah GPOChawk Azam31450Layyah GPOChoubara31500Layyah GPOMap of ChoubaraFateh Pur (Layyah)paktive.com31050Layyah GPOMap of Fateh Pur (Layyah)Juman Shah31600Layyah GPOMap of Juman ShahKarim Abadpaktive.com31660Layyah GPOMap of Karim AbadKaror31100Layyah GPOMap of KarorKot Sultanpaktive.com31650Layyah GPOMap of Kot SultanLadhanapaktive.com31350Layyah GPOMap of LadhanaLayyahpaktive.com31200Layyah GPOMap of LayyahLayyah Sugar Mills31300Layyah GPOShah Purpaktive.com31150Layyah GPOMap of Shah Pur

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