Khanewal, Punjab - Postal Codes

Map of Khanewal

City/Town/LocalityPostal CodeDelivery GPO Chak 136 10 R58220Khanewal GPOChak 138 10 Rpaktive.com58202Khanewal GPOHanuman Garh58110Khanewal GPOMap of Hanuman GarhJahanian58200Khanewal GPOMap of JahanianKabirwala58250Khanewal GPOMap of KabirwalaKacha Khuhpaktive.com58100Khanewal GPOMap of Kacha KhuhKhanewalpaktive.com58150Khanewal GPOMap of KhanewalKhanewal Ammunition Depot58120Khanewal GPOKohiwalapaktive.com58260Khanewal GPOMap of KohiwalaKot Allah Singh58230Khanewal GPOMap of Kot Allah SinghKukkar Hatta58270Khanewal GPOMap of Kukkar HattaMahni Sial58256Khanewal GPOMap of Mahni SialMakhdoompur Phoharanpaktive.com58170Khanewal GPOMap of Makhdoompur PhoharanMian Channu Railway Station58030Khanewal GPOMian Channunpaktive.com58000Khanewal GPOMap of Mian ChannunPeerowalpaktive.com58152Khanewal GPOMap of PeerowalPunja Kassi58258Khanewal GPOMap of Punja KassiPunjab Small Industry58240Khanewal GPOSarai Sidhu58190Khanewal GPOMap of Sarai SidhuThatha Sadiqabad58210Khanewal GPOMap of Thatha SadiqabadTulamba58080Khanewal GPOMap of Tulamba

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