Mianwali, Punjab - Postal Codes

Map of Mianwali

City/Town/LocalityPostal CodeDelivery GPO Alluwali42010Mianwali GPOMap of AlluwaliChak 4 Db42060Mianwali GPOChakrala42230Mianwali GPOMap of ChakralaChapri42110Mianwali GPOMap of ChapriChashma Barrage Colony Mianwali42030Mianwali GPOChhidroo42260Mianwali GPOMap of ChhidrooDaud Khel42320Mianwali GPOMap of Daud KhelDhiba Kar Sial42232Mianwali GPOMap of Dhiba Kar SialDhurnakapaktive.com42240Mianwali GPOMap of DhurnakaDillewali42312Mianwali GPOMap of DillewaliDubb42012Mianwali GPOMap of DubbGhundi42302Mianwali GPOMap of GhundiHarnoli42020Mianwali GPOMap of HarnoliIsa Khel (Mianwali)42430Mianwali GPOMap of Isa Khel (Mianwali)Iskandar Abadpaktive.com42340Mianwali GPOMap of Iskandar AbadKalabaghpaktive.com42360Mianwali GPOMap of KalabaghKallor42208Mianwali GPOMap of KallorKalri42220Mianwali GPOMap of KalriKamar Mashani42400Mianwali GPOMap of Kamar MashaniKundian42050Mianwali GPOMap of KundianLiaqatabad42000Mianwali GPOMap of LiaqatabadMakerwal42410Mianwali GPOMap of MakerwalMari Induspaktive.com42350Mianwali GPOMap of Mari IndusMianwali42200Mianwali GPOMap of MianwaliMianwali PAF Colony42206Mianwali GPOMochh42310Mianwali GPOMap of MochhMusa Khelpaktive.com42210Mianwali GPOMap of Musa KhelPai Khel42300Mianwali GPOMap of Pai KhelPakki Shah Mardan42204Mianwali GPOMap of Pakki Shah MardanRikhi42250Mianwali GPOMap of RikhiShadia42120Mianwali GPOMap of ShadiaSultan Khel42370Mianwali GPOMap of Sultan KhelTabisar42370Mianwali GPOMap of TabisarTola Bangi Khelpaktive.com42380Mianwali GPOMap of Tola Bangi KhelTrag42420Mianwali GPOMap of TragWan Bhachran42100Mianwali GPOMap of Wan Bhachran

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