Wah Cantt, Punjab - Postal Codes

City/Town/LocalityPostal CodeDelivery GPO Ahata Farooqia47066Wah Cantt GPOMap of Ahata FarooqiaHeavy Mechanical Complex Taxila47050Wah Cantt GPOLala Rukh Wah Cantt47010Wah Cantt GPOLalazar Colony Wahpaktive.com47044Wah Cantt GPOPakistan Ordinance Factory Gudwal47030Wah Cantt GPOPMO Complex Wah47086Wah Cantt GPORawalpindi PMO Complex47086Wah Cantt GPOSaddat Colonypaktive.com47090Wah Cantt GPOTaxila47080Wah Cantt GPOMap of TaxilaTaxila Cantt47070Wah Cantt GPOWah47000Wah Cantt GPOMap of WahWah Canttpaktive.com47040Wah Cantt GPOWah Cement Works47020Wah Cantt GPOWah West Park47046Wah Cantt GPO

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